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Relics Part 3: Essence and Energies

January 15, 2008 Length: 1:01:05

After a two-month disappearance, Steve and Bill resurface and finally record part 3 of the series on "Relics." In this program they discuss the Orthodox view of God and how the creation can literally "participate in God," or, as St. Peter says, be a "partaker of the divine nature." How can the infinite God who says, "You cannot see My face and live," also promise that "the pure in heart shall see God"? The distinction between the essence and energies of God is one of the fundamental dogmas of the Orthodox faith and gives us a vision of our union with God which is ultimately our salvation.

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"I just had to write and say how much Ancient Faith Radio has meant to me. I don't know yet if my journey ends in Orthodoxy—at least in this life, but much of my heart is with you and I have truly grown because of the work you all do; my family has also grown from me simply parroting all that I hear. Our Bible studies with friends and family have been fueled by notes from such shows as Our Life in Christ and At the Intersection of East and West—we've had to underline previously unknown verses from time to time."



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