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The Divine Liturgy, Part 6: The Epiclesis

September 01, 2006 Length: 1:00:18

We come to the most sacred and debated words of Christian worship in history: the Epiclesis, the calling down of the Holy Spirit upon the bread and wine to make them into the Body and Blood of Christ. Is the change "real" or is it symbolic? How does the change happen? When does it happen? Are the words just a "hocus pocus" incantation? Can it happen anywhere a priest just speaks the words? Steve and Bill take up the challenge of going three rounds with this theological giant. In the first round they come out hesitant and tentative, dancing around their opponent. In the second and third rounds they get bolder and grapple with the topic but in the end are no match for the great Mystery. The epiclesis wins by a unanimous decision and Steve and Bill go home and hope to recover from their wounds by next week's show.

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"I have been absolutely mesmerized by your station ever since I heard my first podcast. AFR was my Christmas present from God this year, and I expect for years to come. It is such a deep pool. I am telling everyone I know about it. Thank you for this rich and refreshing oasis of faith. I am so grateful to God for making this real and available to me. It's changed and brightened my life. "

Annie from Cape Coral, Florida


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