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The Eight Tones

June 08, 2006 Length: 1:00:02

Central to the prayer life of the Church is the cycle of eight musical tones or structures (The Octoechos, or eight echos) that accompany the hymns and prayers in all the services. In this program, Steve provides a basic, lighthearted but informative overview of the Eight Tones of the Church as expressed in Byzantine, Russian, Bulgarian and other styles, and how the Tones reflect the Orthodox Traditional concern with the beauty of sound and its place in sacramental worship.

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"I recently came across Ancient Faith Radio by accident, in my search to answer some questions to myself and to defend myself to a friend who was bashing the Orthodox Church. The things that I have learned about Orthodoxy from this site are priceless. It has helped me to grow even closer to the faith and of course to grow even more as a Christian. I cannot thank you enough. I can't get enough of this site. I listen all the time!!!!! All the way from Greece!!!"

Maria from Greece


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