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The Prayer of St. Ephraim - Patience, Love, and Not Judging Our Brother

April 14, 2006 Length: 1:00:01

We finish this Lenten series discussing the virtues of patience, love, and not judging our brother. Again, the Orthodox axiom of working out the virtues in the body is true, and we learn that patience is not merely a passive state, but also requires spiritual/bodily effort to restrain evil thoughts/actions, choosing to perform God's will instead. Love for God, neighbor, enemies and the whole of creation is our aim, cultivated with our growing awareness of God's pure and captivating eros coming down from heaven. Engulfed in this love we lose interest in the world and adopt the humble mind of Christ, whose words on the Cross, "forgive them for they know not what they do," are to become our own towards all men.

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"Amidst the sea of chaos and uncertainty that grips the world today, your zeal for God’s Word and love for Christ has shone through like a brilliant flame for all to see. By the grace of the Holy Spirit I see that our Lord is bringing together the most beautiful aspects of Eastern and Western Christendom to breathe life into His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church, that all may partake of this beautiful gift. God bless you and thank you from the depths of my heart."

Konstantine from Melbourne, Australia


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