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Going up to Jerusalem, to the Glory of the Lord

April 14, 2011 Length: 28:18

In this postcard, Fr. Peter stops to examine the previous Sunday's gospel, through which the Church is preparing us to accept the glory of the Lord, His crucifixion, by directing us to divest ourselves of the desire to seek worldly glory. Fr. Peter explains how worldliness, worldly glory, or secularization, is the spirit of the evil one, of the Antichrist, and our mortal enemy as Christians, who want to be glorified with the Lord. He also touches upon our freedom in Christ, the wrong teaching of predestination, those who have true authority in the Church, and more.

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"A thousand thanks for the incredible, edifying, encouraging ministry of AFR. We are in the far north of Scotland, which is extremely secular and can be quite hard going for Christians trying to live their faith minute by minute. We have no church, and the nearest priest is five hours away. Once a month, there is a Divine Liturgy an hour from us, in an ecumenical church building attached to an old hospital. AFR supports our daily practice of our faith and enriches it immensely."

Stacey from Scotland


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