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Introducción a San Pablo –  Parte 1ª

June 13, 2013 Length: 7:48

La teología Paulina, brota directamente enlazada con la vida, las obras misionales, y los viajes del Apóstol. Pertenece más al fruto de su praxis, y esto dificulta traducirla al discurso estrictamente filosófico especulativo. En las tres siguientes conferencias, Padre Joan tocará el tema de la teología del Apóstol San Pablo con el fin de explicar el significado del término εὐαγγέλιον (evangelio, buena nueva).

St. Paul’s theology must be understood in terms of his life experience, his missionary work, and his extensive travels. Because the fruits of his labors are so intimitately associated to his works, it would be a disservice to attempt to pin his theology down in terms of speculative philosophical principles. For that reason, in this first of three podcasts, Father Joan will touch upon St. Paul’s use of the term gospel (εὐαγγέλιον).

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"As an Eastern Catholic (Melkite), I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site. The music is beautiful and uplifting, and the messages are food for my soul. Though we are still separated, I still feel a deep love and affection for my Orthodox brothers and sisters. May our Blessed Lord reconcile us as one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as a testimony to a world that is perishing and needs us! Thanks again!"



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