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Introducción a San Pablo –  Parte 2ª

June 20, 2013 Length: 7:58

En esta segunda de tres conferencias, Padre Joan da a conocer como el evangelio cristiano es acción sinérgica, es decir amistad entendida como la fusión de la Filantropía de Dios y la conversión del hombre. San Pablo es, antes de todo, un converso y su conversión nos conduce al conocimiento de la fusión de amistad, la experiencia crística, es decir la VIDA EN CRISTO que llevó a san Pablo a exclamar y afirmar: «Ya no soy yo quien vive sino es Cristo Quien vive en mí.»

In this second of three podcasts, Father Joan examines how St. Paul expresses his notion of Christian gospel as synergy, or friendship. St. Paul is, after all, a convert. And his conversion leads to knowledge as friendship. Understood in this way, gospel is God’s philanthropy cooperating with the person's ongoing conversion. It is the Christ experience. It is LIFE IN CHRIST of which St. Paul says: "It is no longer I who live, but Christ living in me."

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"I just wanted to thank you for the impact AFR has had on my life. Without the content you put out on AFR, I would probably have never been lead to the Orthodox church! I'm a seeker right now (not even catechized) and due to life circumstances I probably will be for quite some time, but AFR provides me with the guidance I need to keep on the path to Orthodoxy. May God continue to bless you and AFR in many ways!"

Zach from Omaha, Nebraska


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