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Introducción a San Pablo –  Parte 3ª

June 27, 2013 Length: 11:18

Nuestra fe, según san Pablo, presupone la praxis, o lo que es lo mismo la acción dinámica conducida por la gracia de Dios y nuestra libertad, constituyendo la fuerza realizadora de la hypóstasis que nos convierte en cristianos. En esta tercera de tres conferencias, obedeciendo a lo expuesto por el Divino Apóstol en su doctrina, Padre Joan propone que el ser cristianos es, según la terminología de los Padres Capadocios, devenir personas.

Christian faith, according to St. Paul, does imply works (i.e., έργα = "deeds" or "actions"). They constitute a dynamic “doing” guided by God’s grace and our freedom. As the energies of our hypostasis, the resulting divine-human intercourse makes us Christians. From St. Paul’s teachings, Father Joan concludes, in this third of three podcasts, that being a Christian is, according to the Cappadocian Fathers, the realization of one’s personhood.

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"Amidst the sea of chaos and uncertainty that grips the world today, your zeal for God’s Word and love for Christ has shone through like a brilliant flame for all to see. By the grace of the Holy Spirit I see that our Lord is bringing together the most beautiful aspects of Eastern and Western Christendom to breathe life into His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church, that all may partake of this beautiful gift. God bless you and thank you from the depths of my heart."

Konstantine from Melbourne, Australia


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