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La Dichosa Luz – Parte 1ª

July 18, 2013 Length: 13:33

¿Qué es la santidad? En esta primera de dos conferencias sobre el contenido del Oficio de las vísperas, Padre Joan demuestra que la santidad es la participación en la divinidad, en la Gloria de Dios manifestándose a través de la creación. Es Dios plenamente "participable" en sus energías increadas según la exacta delimitación de la doctrina Palamita, el fundamento y pilar de la Ortodoxia.

What is holiness? In this first of two podcasts focusing on the Vespers Service, Father Joan explains how this Service expresses holiness as a share in divinity. It is partaking of the glory of God as it is manifested through His creation. It is God in His uncreated energies which are wholly “partakable” as expressed in the Palamite teaching, the foundation and pillar of Orthodoxy.

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"I really feel dependent on Ancient Faith's music service. And I'm not even an Orthodox Church member. I listen to a wide variety of music on the internet, ranging from r&b classic jamz to various jazz genres to operatic arias, and onwards. But what I listen to most of all by far is Ancient Faith's liturgical music, which I frequently have on for hours at a time."

John from Oshkosh, Wisconsin


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