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La Luz Increada – Parte 3ª

October 10, 2013 Length: 8:45

En esta tercera de cuatro conferencias, Padre Joan resume la teologopraxis de San Gregorio Palamás y del palamismo, centrada en la mística correctamente ortodoxa, la mística de la oscuridad divina, el caudal de Su Luz, en términos de la comunión sinérgica, energética, luminosa, y gratificante en la que Dios está totalmente presente en Sus Energías, Su Luz, Su Gracia, y mediante las cuales el hombre es sinérgico con Dios, entrando en comunión viviente, real y experimental con las Operaciones divinas como manifestación de Dios en la creación.

In this third of four podcasts, Father Joan elaborates upon the term “theologic praxis” as it relates to St Gregory Palamas and Palamism’s mysticism of divine darkness. As praxis, Orthodox mysticism speaks, on the one hand, of synergic, energetic, luminous, and refreshing communion by which God is fully present in His Energy, His Light, His Grace, and likewise of God-synergized man entering into real, living, and experiential communion through the divine energies as manifestation of God in creation.

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"I've been interested in the Orthodox Church and teachings lately. I grew up Southern Baptist and then I was a Charismatic. I've been pretty much burned out on Protestant Evangelicalism over the past few years. I'm finding the Orthodox Church to be a breath of fresh air on many issues. I hope to visit an Orthodox Church soon. I haven't decided if I want to convert, but I won't rule it out at this point. Thanks for all that you do."



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