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Los Escritos Joánicos –  Parte 1ª

May 30, 2013 Length: 9:13

Las tres epístolas católicas atribuidas a la mano del Apóstol San Juan, el Cuarto Evangelio y, como no, el Apocalipsis canónico, son las muletas que nos ayudarán a profundizar mejor en la Tradición Ascética Ortodoxa. En esta primera de dos conferencias, Padre Joan nos explica algo sobre la relación entre estos escritos, denominados Joánicos, como fundamentos de la teología ortodoxa de la Luz Increada.

The three catholic epistles of St. John the Divine, the Fourth Gospel and his Apocalypse constitute the starting points of any deepening understanding of the Orthodox ascetic tradition. In this first of two podcasts on the subject, Father Joan briefly outlines notions for understanding the relationship between the so-called Johannine literature and the Orthodox theology of the uncreated light.

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"Fr. Hopko's scholarship and spiritual insight have encouraged my wife and me to convert to Orthodoxy. We have especially benefitted from his two episodes on the acquisition of the Holy Spirit and the life of Saint Seraphim. We have listened to these several times and continue to receive blessings each time we listen to them.Thank you and blessings."

Joseph from Scottsdale, Arizona


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