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Sinergia y Revelación – 2ª Parte

May 16, 2013 Length: 5:12

En esta segundo conferencia, P. Joan expone que, a diferencia de otros pueblos, Israel de Dios responde a la revelación mediante la ascesis entendida como servicio. Israel sale de Egipto al desierto para servir al Dios Vivo. Recibe la Ley y erige el templo donde los levitas y el pueblo sirven a Dios, constituyéndose en Su portavoz ante las naciones. Del monoteísmo ético del Antiguo Testamento, Cristo se encarna para servir. De ahí el llamamiento a servir a los demás, como Él ha venido a servir, y la Iglesia, Su Cuerpo místico, está para servir al mundo.

In this second podcast, Fr Joan explains that, unlike other civilations and belief systems, Israel responds to God through ascesis understood as service. Going into the wilderness, Israel must depart Egypt in order to serve the Living God. Once it receives the Law, Israel builds the Temple where the Levites and the people minister unto God, becoming His herald unto the nations. In the midst of this Old Testament ethical monotheism, Christ becomes incarnate in order to serve. Hence, His call to us to serve others, as He Himself has come to serve. And as the Church, His Mystical Body, must serve the world.

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