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Sinergia y revelación – 3ª Parte

May 23, 2013 Length: 10:44

En esta tercera de tres conferencias, P. Joan propone que la revelación es progresiva: Dios va al encuentro del hombre, y el hombre va al encuentro de Dios. Se trata, por una parte, de la filantropía de Dios y, por nuestra parte, del recuerdo de Su Imagen grabada en el corazón y de la ascesis mediante la cual recuperamos nuestra Semejanza a Dios.

In this third of three podcasts, Fr Joan proposes that revelation is a progressive movement: God coming to man’s encounter, and the man going out to meet Him. This mutual encounter consists, on the one hand, of God’s philanthropy and, on the other, of the tarnished Image of God engraved on our hearts and of the ascesis by which we regain Likeness to God.

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"We have no church on our island other than the occasional visiting priest. Ancient Faith Radio is a spiritual lifesaver to us. I was given an iPhone recently and am now connected as if to an I.V. much of the day. I listen to podcast after podcast (now making my way through Jeannie Constantinou's—from the beginning in 2008!) or play holy music while reading my Prologue or the Bible. Now, I've just discovered the blog portal. What a convenience this will be for me. I also receive FB postings daily from various AFR contributors. I am so very, very grateful to all of you who produce this amazing resource for us—especially we who have no regular services, no priest, not even the Eucharist. God sustains us beautifully through our faithfulness to Him, and our ability to be uplifted by the generous sharing of AFR contributors. May He bless all of you, and all of the listeners, richly."



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