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Sobre el Cántico de los Cánticos – Parte 2ª

October 30, 2013 Length: 7:52

En esta segunda de cinco conferencias, Padre Joan busca el camino hacia una exégesis preliminar del texto del Cántico de los cánticos, resumiendo las tendencias exegéticas desde el siglo XVI, influenciadas por las teorías de Castalion (1547), Cornelius y A. Lapide, el simbolismo de Bussuet y Dom Calmet, las “tesis del Pastor” de Panigarola (1691), Jacobi (1771) y Renan; y en el siglo XX, por las investigaciones de Rossenmüller, Pouget y Queston (1956), Yoüon (1909), Ricciotti (1928), D. Buzy (1950), Budde (1898) basadas sobre las observaciones de Wetzstein, Zapletal (1907) y Miller (1927), Kartachov resumiendo A. Meek (1922) y Wittekind (1927).

In this second of five podcasts, Father Joan provides context for a preliminary exegesis of the text of the Song of Songs. Summarizing the Western exegetical trends since the 16th century, he briefly mentions the theories of Castalion (1547), Cornelius and A. Lapide; the symbolism of Bussuet and Dom Calmet; Panigarola (1691), Jacobi (1771) and Renan’s "Shepherd thesis;" and in the twentieth century, research by Rossenmüller, Pouget and Queston (1956), Yoüon (1909), Ricciotti (1928), D. Buzy (1950), Budde (1898) paraphrasing Wetzstein, Zapletal (1907) and Miller (1927), and Kartachov reiterating A. Meek (1922) and Wittekind (1927).

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"I was browsing through this site and came across a podcast about the history of the Orthodox Church in Alaska. It was part of the American Orthodox History podcast, I believe. It caught my eye because I'm an Alaskan Native teen and wanted to know more about how Orthodoxy came to be here. I listened to the three parts. It was very enlightening, and it gave me so many more reasons to be proud as an Orthodox Christian. On top of listening to the music from this site, I will now also listen to the podcasts, because they give me so much insight! Thank you guys for all the amazing content available here."

Beatrice from Alaska


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