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Theoria: Part 2

February 11, 2013 Length: 9:53

En esta segunda parte de tres, como ejercicio de contemplación (theoría), Padre Joan propone brevemente a consideración tres teologumenos clásicos de la contemplación cristiana: el significado del vocablo "día" en el relato de la creación de Génesis 1, el devenir del no-bautizado, y la persona de Jesús como punto de partido de nuestra antropología cristiana.

In this second of three podcasts, Fr Joan introduces the term theologoumenon and offers three brief examples: the meaning of the term "yom" in the creation account of Genesis 1; the fate of the unbaptized; and the concept of Christian anthropology.

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"I have been studying church history and started reading Orthodox books after my daughter wrote her Master’s Degree thesis on icons. We have both been leaning toward the Orthodox Church in recent months, however, I find it too nationalistic and it is difficult to break through the language and ethnic barriers. Ancient Faith Radio on the other hand, does not have those fences, which makes it easier for me to pray and meditate with. Thank you for opening doors that have been shut to me."

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