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How Can I Be Patient with Others?

April 02, 2008 Length: 12:09

In this episode, Jason looks at advice from the saints on being patient with others, not only when these people are being unintentionally irritating, but also when they are being deliberately hurtful. You can also download a free "re/CALL This!" graphic for this episode, with a quote from St. Gregory the Great about the importance for your soul of being patient, by visiting the re/CALL website.

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"Every day from about 1:20-1:45 I listen to AFR on my computer as I'm doing my end-of-day paperwork in the school kitchen. Today was extra glorious listening to the Akathist to the Lady of Sitka icon! Wow! What a blanket of peace! THANK YOU! Every day is wonderful, but today was extra! THANK YOU!"



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