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Why Should I Talk to God in Prayer?

March 21, 2008 Length: 10:06

In this first podcast, Jason looks at the reasons why we should pray, and gives advice from the saints and Orthodox teachers about overcoming some of the most common reasons for not praying. You can also download a free "re/CALL This!" graphic for this episode, with a tip from St. John the Solitary about praying with thankfulness, by visiting the re/CALL website.

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"I am so blessed by Ancient Faith Radio. I could not get this teaching in any other way. The fact that I can listen to hours of these conversations in my car is truly astonishing and again a huge blessing. The time alone would prevent me from hearing the lectures; however, in my car, I am able to listen to these teachings, the Bible, etc. I am very blessed to be living in this age of podcasts. May God bless you and all those who bring these many words to us!"



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