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Why Should I Talk to God in Prayer?

March 21, 2008 Length: 10:06

In this first podcast, Jason looks at the reasons why we should pray, and gives advice from the saints and Orthodox teachers about overcoming some of the most common reasons for not praying. You can also download a free "re/CALL This!" graphic for this episode, with a tip from St. John the Solitary about praying with thankfulness, by visiting the re/CALL website.

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"Having grown up in a family that moved around a lot, it can be hard to leave behind my favorite Orthodox hymns from church to church and diocese to diocese—especially the beautiful melodies that distinguish Lent. Now as I am again experiencing Lent in a new town and different church for the first time, it's great to hear some of my favorite Lenten hymns on Ancient Faith. Thank you!!"

Emilia from Spokane, Washington


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