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A Diverse Church

August 11, 2010 Length: 1:01

St. Maximos the Confessor on the diverse Church being united in God.

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If you visit different Orthodox parishes you can be amazed by all the different languages, practices, customs, and even food you’ll encounter. This diversity is not simply interesting—it’s evidence of the truth of Orthodoxy.

As St. Maximos the Confessor says,

The holy Church of God is an image of God because it realizes the same union of the faithful with God. As different as they are by language, places, and customs, they are made one by it through faith.

The wonderful thing is that God brings all this beautiful diversity into union with Him.

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"I'm a college student about to graduate with a BA in history, and I have been interested in Orthodoxy for several years now. God willing, I will become a catechumen very soon! The music and podcasts uplift me at my Protestant university."



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