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A Goal for the New Year: Generosity

January 06, 2011 Length: 1:01

St. John of Kronstadt on sharing what the Lord has given to us.

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When people think of their New Year’s resolutions, they often think of things they need to stop doing: They need to go on a diet, quit smoking…things like that. But here’s something you can add to your life: imitating God by being generous with others.

St. John of Kronstadt says, “Look at all the earth supplies in summer and in autumn! Every Christian, especially the priest, ought to imitate God’s bountifulness. Let your table be open to everybody, like the table of the Lord.”

God has blessed us with many things: use the New Year to start sharing them with others.

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"Ancient Faith Radio provides spiritual sustenance with superb content; it's a treasury of good gifts and a stream of clear water. I live in Moscow, Russia, and it was a very heartening experience for me to hear the strong and clear message of Orthodox Christianity from English-speaking brethren in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Amazing homilies from Fr. Pat Reardon and Fr. Theodore Paraskevopoulos! Thank you very much, Fr. Matthew, for your in-depth reflections on the writing of the Church Fathers. May God bless your efforts!"

Oleg from Moscow, Russia


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