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Ask for God’s Will

July 25, 2010 Length: 1:01

St. Nilus of Mt. Sinai on praying for God's will.

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Prayer is the opportunity to talk to God, including asking Him for things we need. But for what should we ask? When I look at my life, I can see all sorts of needs.

St. Nilus of Mt. Sinai tells us that we might need to change our perspective. He says,

Do not pray that things may be according to your desires, for they are not always in keeping with the will of God. Better pray as you were taught, saying: ‘Thy will be done’ on me. And ask thus about all things, for He always desires what is good and profitable for your soul, whereas you do not always seek it.

So what do we really need? We need God’s will to be done.

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"Every day from about 1:20-1:45 I listen to AFR on my computer as I'm doing my end-of-day paperwork in the school kitchen. Today was extra glorious listening to the Akathist to the Lady of Sitka icon! Wow! What a blanket of peace! THANK YOU! Every day is wonderful, but today was extra! THANK YOU!"



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