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Avoid Getting a “Big Head”

December 28, 2010 Length: 1:01

St. John Climacus on avoiding the trap of flattery.

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Most of us like to be complimented: it can feel great to have people say nice things about us, and we get a “charge” out of having our egos pumped up. But St. John Climacus warns us to avoid the trap of flattery:

The flatterer is a servant of devils, a guide to pride, a destroyer of contrition, a ruiner of virtues, a misleader. Those who pronounce you blessed, lead you astray, says the prophet (Isaiah 3:12).

This doesn’t mean, of course, that everyone who compliments us is serving Satan, but it does remind us to avoid getting a “big head” about ourselves.

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"I became Catholic (from evangelicalism) back in 2007, but I've never stopped listening to this website. My 22-year-old daughter is now a catechumen at an OCA parish, and my wife and I are going to visit a Greek Orthodox priest this Saturday. Various podcasts and "Ancient Faith Today" have pierced our hearts, and we are being drawn into the Orthodox faith."



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