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Be a Cheerful Giver

July 13, 2010 Length: 1:01

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom on being a joyful giver.

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Sometimes it seems like someone is always hitting us up for money. And we know there’s a lot of suffering in the world, so we grudgingly dig into our wallets and purses and pull out a few bucks.

But Metropolitan Anthony Bloom tells us that the attitude with which we give is more important than the amount we give. He says,

It is not enough to give. We must have a heart that gives. In order to give, we must have a compassion deep enough for our gift to be forgiven, because if we give dutifully, if we are charitable only in our actions, the recipient receives humiliation and sorrow and pain together with our gift.

So, don’t just give—rejoice that you have the opportunity to serve God and help others.

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"Your radio website is a godsend for me as I feel so exiled in France. I am British, and my Orthodox family here represents my only real human spiritual companionship, aside from my children. Being able to hear your radio programs in my own language is a great aid to my everyday battles, of which there are many. "

Rachel from Angoulême, France


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