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Dealing with Spiritual Dryness

December 09, 2010 Length: 1:01

Elder Macarius of Optina on going through times of spiritual dryness.

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Looking at many Christian books can give the impression that the spiritual life should be a continual “rocket ride” of excitement. So what’s the problem when your spiritual life seems a little dry?

Elder Macarius of Optina tells us to adjust our expectations:

Pray simply. Do not expect to find in your heart any remarkable gift of prayer. Consider yourself unworthy of it. Then you will find peace. Use the empty cold dryness of your prayer as food for your humility. Repeat constantly: I am not worthy; Lord, I am not worthy! But say it calmly, without agitation.

Those “dry times” are a period that help us to grow in communion with God.

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"As an Eastern Catholic (Melkite), I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site. The music is beautiful and uplifting, and the messages are food for my soul. Though we are still separated, I still feel a deep love and affection for my Orthodox brothers and sisters. May our Blessed Lord reconcile us as one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as a testimony to a world that is perishing and needs us! Thanks again!"



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