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Faith in the Modern World

April 10, 2011 Length: 1:01

Metropolitan Augoustinos on signs of faith in a faithless world.

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Metropolitan Augoustinos of Florina tells us about signs of faith in a faithless world:

Amid all the coldness that transforms people’s hearts into snowballs, there are still sparks—burning coals and hearths of spiritual life in the modern world. Wherever a child stammers a quick prayer through innocent lips; wherever a boy or girl actively listens to catechetical lessons and sings joyous songs to the resurrected Lord…wherever there is a mighty battle against the dark powers…wherever there are holy pulsations; wherever hearts are warmed in reading the Scriptures—there are the sparks, the blazing coals, the spiritual hearth, the living Church.

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Chris from Topeka, Kansas


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