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Five Occupations

November 21, 2010 Length: 1:01

Evagrius of Pontus on five occupations that open us to God.

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Have you ever thought about your occupations? I don’t mean your job, but rather your spiritual occupations.

Evagrios of Pontus says that these can open us up to God’s work:

There are five occupations which help to gain God’s benevolence. The first is pure prayer; the second, psalmody; the third, reading the Holy Scriptures; the fourth, contrite remembrance of one’s sins, of death and the terrible judgment; the fifth, work with one’s hands.

In other words, what you do will help determine what you become.

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"I just love both this website and the two streaming audio feeds—mostly the music stream, but I find myself listening quite a bit to the talk stream, too. And guess what? I'm not even Orthodox! Ha! Who woulda' thunk it, eh? Thank you for being so good at what you do and for so surprising this old LCA (now ELCA) Lutheran with just how much of it is truly interesting and edifying. Keep up the good work!"

Greg from Indiana


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