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Five Occupations

November 21, 2010 Length: 1:01

Evagrius of Pontus on five occupations that open us to God.

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Have you ever thought about your occupations? I don’t mean your job, but rather your spiritual occupations.

Evagrios of Pontus says that these can open us up to God’s work:

There are five occupations which help to gain God’s benevolence. The first is pure prayer; the second, psalmody; the third, reading the Holy Scriptures; the fourth, contrite remembrance of one’s sins, of death and the terrible judgment; the fifth, work with one’s hands.

In other words, what you do will help determine what you become.

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"Your radio website is a godsend for me as I feel so exiled in France. I am British, and my Orthodox family here represents my only real human spiritual companionship, aside from my children. Being able to hear your radio programs in my own language is a great aid to my everyday battles, of which there are many. "

Rachel from Angoulême, France


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