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God is Good to Us

January 11, 2011 Length: 1:01

St. Gregory Palamas on how God gives us all necessary good things.

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Asaph, the music director of the Holy Prophet and King David, proclaimed that God is good to the upright in heart (Psalm 72: 1 OSB), and our Lord says God gives good things to those who ask (Matthew 7:7-11).

St. Gregory Palamas extends this point to remind us that God even gives us good things that we don’t know we need:

...since to the highest possible degree He loves, knows and is able to effect what is profitable for us, everything that comes to us from Him, even though it be without our wanting it, will certainly prove to be to our profit.

In other words, as we used to say in a church I attended years ago, “God is good all the time!”

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