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How to Kick a Bad Habit

January 20, 2011 Length: 1:01

St. Basil the Great on overcoming bad habits.

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Most of us have some bad habit that we need to overcome. St. Basil the Great tells us how we can do so:

An illness that has become chronic, like the habit of wrong-doing that has become ingrained is very hard to heal. If after that, as very often happens, the habit turns into second nature, a cure is out of the question. So the ideal would be to have no contact with evil. But there is another possibility: to distance yourself from evil, to run away from it as from a poisonous snake, once you have experienced it…Be careful not to be utterly overcome by it. If the sin is already weighing you down…then before you fall into utter ruin get rid of the heavy burden.

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