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I Don’t Feel Like Praying

July 05, 2010 Length: 1:01

Amma Theodora on praying when you don't feel like it.

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It’s the easiest thing in the world for me to come up with reasons for why I can’t pray just right now: right now I’m too busy, or I don’t feel good…the problem is that right now can become now and always.

Here’s a story told by Amma Theodora for people like us. She says,

There was a monk who was seized by cold and fever every time he began to pray, and he suffered from headaches, too. In this condition, he said to himself, ‘I am ill, and near to death; so now I will get up before I die and pray.’ By reasoning in this way, he did violence to himself and prayed, When he had finished, the fever abated also. So, by reasoning in this way, the brother resisted, and prayed and was able to conquer his thoughts.

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"I want to thank with all my heart your station for broadcasting online the beautiful and holy music of the Orthodox Church. Finding your station by chance is such a blessing for me, because the prayers and the songs bring me peace and serenity in my mind and in my soul. I felt the need to express my gratitude for this blessing, and I want to kindly ask you to thank your team on my behalf for the joy, the relief, and the faith they bring me across the Ocean. I wish everyone who is associated with AFR for the glory of God every success for the future."

Nicholas from London, England


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