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I’ll Repent Later

July 12, 2010 Length: 1:01

St. Clement of Rome on the need to repent now.

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There’s an old cliche about giving into temptation with a breezy, “I’ll repent later.” Even if we don’t think like this, it’s still easy to put off making our confession and repenting. We think, “I’m busy, I’ll do it later,” or “I’m just not in the mood,” or a hundred other excuses.

St. Clement of Rome, however, warns us that we may not have time down the road for repentance. He says,

As long as we are in this world, let us repent with our whole heart of the evil things which we have done in the flesh, so that we may be saved by the Lord while we still have time for repentance. For after we have departed from the world, we are no longer able there either to confess or to repent anymore.

So, it’s best to approach God with humility and repentance while we still have time.

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