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Light a Candle!

August 04, 2010 Length: 1:01

St. John of Kronstadt on some of the spiritual meanings of lighting candles.

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Have you every wondered why Orthodox churches are often ablaze with candlelight? St. John of Kronstadt tells us some of the spiritual meanings of these candles:

The candles lit before icons of saints reflect their ardent love for God for Whose sake they gave up everything that man prizes in life…These candles also mean that these saints are lamps burning for us and providing light for us by their own saintly living, their virtues and their ardent intercession for us before God through their constant prayers by day and night. The burning candles also stand for our ardent zeal and the sincere sacrifice we make out of reverence and gratitude to them for their solicitude on our behalf before God.

So…light a candle!

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