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Our Friends Influence Our Habits

January 05, 2011 Length: 1:01

St. John of Karpathos on avoiding friendships that inspire bad habits.

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When I was growing up I was often told what the Holy Apostle Paul says about the people around us, “Evil company corrupts good habits” (1 Corinthians 15:33). St. John of Karpathos gives us a similar warning when he says,

Never form a close friendship with someone who enjoys noisy and drunken feasts, or who likes telling dirty stories, even though he may have been a monk for many years. Do not let his filth defile you; do not fall under the influence of people who are unclean and uncircumcised in heart. We should be like the psalmist, who said, “I am a companion of all who fear You and keep Your commandments” (Psalm 118:63).

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