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The Apostles - True Role Models

July 19, 2010 Length: 1:01

St. Neilos the Ascetic on living like the Holy Apostles.

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There’s a lot of talk today about the need for role models. Fortunately, Orthodox Christians know we can look to the saints as examples of how to live.

St. Neilos the Ascetic points to the Holy Apostles as great role models when he says,

The Apostles received this way of life from Christ and made it their own, renouncing the world in response to His call, disregarding fatherland, relatives and possessions. At once they adopted a harsh and strenuous way of life, facing every kind of adversity, afflicted, tormented, harassed, naked, lacking even necessities; and finally they met death boldly, imitating their Teacher faithfully in all things. Thus through their actions they left behind a true image of the highest way of life.

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