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Too Slick for Our Own Good

January 19, 2011 Length: 1:01

St. John Climacus on the damage we experience when we fool others.

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Our culture has a certain fondness for the slick hustler who can “pull one over” on others. St. John Climacus, however, warns us of the terrible damage we do to ourselves when we fool others:

Guile is a perversion of honesty, a deluded way of thinking, a lying disposition, false oaths, ambiguous words, a dark secrecy of heart, an abyss of cunning, deceit that has become habit, conceit turned into nature, a foe to humility, a pretense of repentance, an estrangement from mourning, hostility to confession, a teacher of willfulness, a cause of falls…diabolical life.

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"I'm not sure how I came across, but I thank God that I did. There are not many Orthodox here and being able to access Ancient Faith as I can through the web means a lot to me."

Dennis from Hungary


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