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What Are You Thinking?

July 27, 2010 Length: 1:01

St. John the Solitary on paying attention to your thoughts.

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Someone once had me write down each thought that crossed my mind. When I looked at my list I was horrified by the number of sinful images and desires I found there. Am I a lost cause because these things cross my mind?

St. John the Solitary helps with this:

Be attentive to the thoughts of the mind. If some evil thought passes through you, do not get upset, for it is not the transient thoughts of your mind that the knowledge of the Lord of all observes, rather He looks at the depths of the mind to see if you take pleasure in that evil thought which resides there.

The key is to not dwell on sinful thoughts, and instead replace them with thoughts about God and His work in us.

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"How blessed I am to listen to your remarkable station, as I receive such blessing and teaching (often what as a Roman I already believe) from happy and contented priests and educated laypersons. Thank you!"



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