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What Should You Do When You Overcome Sin?

February 17, 2011 Length: 1:01

Abbot Nikon on how you should respond after you've overcome a sin.

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In the last episode we heard how we should respond when we sin. But what about the opposite? How should we respond when we avoid or overcome a sin?

Abbot Nikon answers:

Remember that by your own power you will gain nothing. Always call upon the Lord Jesus Christ for help in all situations. Then, your praiseworthy attitude will be aided by God’s might, which curtails all sin—all wiles of the demons. If you overcome some sinful influence, do not credit yourself but the Lord; and thank Him for helping you conquer the sin. If you credit yourself, you will again fall into the same sins.

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"Your app is a Godsend. I am 42 and a cradle Orthodox Christian. Without AFR, I surely would have completely fallen by now. Thank you. God Bless."

Kevin from Vancouver, Canada


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