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What Should You Do When You Sin?

February 16, 2011 Length: 1:01

Lorenzo Scupoli on how you should respond after you've sinned.

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What should you do when you sin? What impact should it have on you? Lorenzo Scupoli answers:

If you happen to be wounded by succumbing to some sin through weakness, or through the faulty nature of your character…do not lose heart and fall into senseless turmoil. Above all do not dwell on yourself, do not say: ‘How could I be such as to allow and suffer it?’ This is a cry of proud self-opinion. Humble yourself and, raising your eyes to the Lord, say and feel: ‘What else could be expected of me, O Lord, weak and faulty as I am.’ Thereupon give thanks to Him that the thing has gone no further, saying: ‘If it were not for Thy boundless mercy, O Lord, I would not have stopped at that, but would certainly have fallen into something much worse.’

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