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Don’t Fear Difficult Things (Mt 14:22-34)

August 26, 2013 Length: 18:54

Christ walking on the water is often portrayed as a demonstration of His power over creation. But Fr Thomas reminds us that even though the storms of this life are always present, Jesus uses this difficult circumstance to remind his disciples that He is always with those who love Him and that they should never fear. (Ninth Sunday after Pentecost)

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"I have been absolutely mesmerized by your station ever since I heard my first podcast. AFR was my Christmas present from God this year, and I expect for years to come. It is such a deep pool. I am telling everyone I know about it. Thank you for this rich and refreshing oasis of faith. I am so grateful to God for making this real and available to me. It's changed and brightened my life. "

Annie from Cape Coral, Florida


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