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Death Valley, On the Road with Steve the Builder

May 28, 2009 Length: 10:39

This is the third podcast in the "on the road" series while I'm travelling through the desert on my way to St. John's Monastery. In this episode I make a stop in Death Valley. What I find in the desolate desert of Death Valley is a metaphor for the fallen human being in the image of God.

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"We purchased our grace radio and have been playing AFR 24 hours a day for the past two years. It has truly changed our lives and the lives of our children. They hear the hymns and see all of the icons in our house, and it gives context and focus to THE path. Our house has become our church every day, and AFR is a BIG part of that. I travel for work and listen to AFR on the road, and it sends me home. May God grant you a beautiful crown in heaven for this service."



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