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Interview with Hieromonk Serafim (Mendoza Segundo)

March 27, 2013 Length: 19:04

Aquí le ofrecemos algo mas para compartir en Glorificando a Dios. Comenzaremos con esta primera de lo que esperamos sean más entrevistas ocasionales en el futuro para compartir algo más sobre los acontecimientos de la Iglesia Ortodoxa en América Latina. Esta entrevista es con el Hieromonje Serafín (Mendoza Segundo) en México sobre la Iglesia Ortodoxa y su trabajo misionero en esa región.

As an additional offering to Glorifying God, we will begin with this first of many occasional interviews so that we can share something more about the accomplishments of the Orthodox Church in Latin America. The following interview is with Hieromonk Serafim (Mendoza Segundo) in Mexico about the Orthodox Church and his missionary work in that region.

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"I just love both this website and the two streaming audio feeds—mostly the music stream, but I find myself listening quite a bit to the talk stream, too. And guess what? I'm not even Orthodox! Ha! Who woulda' thunk it, eh? Thank you for being so good at what you do and for so surprising this old LCA (now ELCA) Lutheran with just how much of it is truly interesting and edifying. Keep up the good work!"

Greg from Indiana


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