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La Iglesia Ortodoxa en América Latina

December 04, 2013 Length: 24:12

La siguiente entrevista nos ofrece algo más sobre la iglesia Ortodoxa en América Latina con Serafina Karbo quien está cumpliendo su llamada al Señor como trabajadora en Proyecto México en Tijuana, México. Ella comparte con nosotros sobre su vida como una Cristiana Ortodoxa, su trabajo en Proyecto México, sobre su visión de cómo colaborar con la iglesia en México y América Latina. Ella se ha dedicado al labor en América Latina y la apreciamos por compartir con nosotros su fe y trabajo en el que ella colabora, el desarrollo y visión futura para trabajar en América Latina.

The following interview offers us something more about the Orthodox Church in Latin America with Serafina Karbo who is fulfilling her call to the Lord as a worker in Mexico at Project Mexico in Tijuana, Mexico. She shares with us about her life as an Orthodox Christian, her work at Project Mexico and her vision for how to be more involved with the Church in Mexico and Latin America. She is dedicated to working in Latin America and we are grateful for her sharing of the faith and work that she is involved, her future plans and vision for working in Latin America.

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"I have walked with the Lord for ten years and been part of the Baptist church. I found your site a few months ago and love it. I feel my faith is reignited and my relationship with God and others deepened on so many levels. My journey to Orthodoxy has begun."

Pete from Australia


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