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The Little Red Book

August 31, 2008 Length: 12:14

Today Martha describes a little red book from her collection. No, no, not that one… this one has recipes for a Dog’s Nose and a Tuxedo and serves as a metaphor for the good things the Church has to offer.

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"Thank you so much. I have been a listener for many years now. I so cherish the music and wonderful, inspirational podcasts. We moved from the U.S. to Serbia eight months ago for my husband's job. Even though we are living in an Orthodox county and we attend Orthodox church here, I am not a native speaker. Being able to listen to Ancient Faith Radio is such a blessing to me and to my family. My two children love to go to sleep at night listening to AFR. I am so grateful that they are still able to do that all the way over here."

Cherie from Serbia


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