The 17th All American Council of the Orthodox Church in America

First Ballot Results

November 13, 2012 Length: 3:36

Here are the results of the first ballot for Metropolitan.
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Since no candidate has received the number of ballots required for nomination to the office of Metropolitan of All America and Canada, this All-American Council, in compliance with the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America, shall proceed with a second vote..

On the first ballot:

  • Archbishop Nathaniel 49
  • Archbishop Nikon 13
  • Archbishop Tikhon 118
  • Archbishop Benjamin 23
  • Archbishop Alejo 2
  • Bishop Melchizedek 96
  • Bishop Michael 205
  • Bishop Matthias 3
  • Bishop Alexander 8
  • Bishop Ireneiu 1
  • Bishop Mark 9
  • Bishop Irénée 5
  • Metropolitan Jonah 17
  • Metropolitan Hilarion (ROCOR) 3
  • Bishop Basil (Essey) 17
  • Fr. David Mahaffey 3
  • Igumen Vladimir Wendling 1
  • Fr. Alexander Pihach 3
  • Abbot Sergius 1
  • Abbot Gerasim 3
  • Hieromonk Herman 1
  • Metropolitan Philip 1
  • Bishop Seraphim (Sigrist) 1
  • Fr. Patrick Carpenter 1
  • and 6 invalid, for a total of 590 votes.

Fr. Eric Tosi: On the second vote, it is a clean slate, so you are free to vote for anybody you want. You will vote for two people this time.

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