The 17th All American Council of the Orthodox Church in America

Second Ballot Results

November 13, 2012 Length: 4:00

The second ballot was read and then the Holy Synod retired to the altar for their decision.
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Transcript Transcript

  • Archbishop Nathaniel 81
  • Archbishop Nikon 23
  • Archbishop Tikhon 317
  • Archbishop Benjamin 23
  • Archbishop Alejo 8
  • Bishop Melchizedek 161
  • Bishop Michael 355
  • Bishop Matthias 9
  • Bishop Alexander 20
  • Bishop Irineu 5
  • Bishop Mark 28
  • Bishop Irénée 15
  • Fr. David Mezynski 2
  • Metropolitan Hilarion (ROCOR) 14
  • Metropolitan Jonah 17
  • Bishop Basil (Essey) 22
  • Monk Mark Savros 2
  • Abbot Gerasim 6
  • Bishop Thomas (Antiochian) 1
  • Brother Luke Dorrant 2
  • Fr. John Chudik 1
  • Fr. Basil Summer 1
  • Fr. Gerasimos 3
  • Fr. David Brum 1
  • Archimandrite Christopher Calin 1
  • Fr. Alexander Pihach 4
  • Fr. Theodore Heckman 1
  • Metropolitan Herman 2
  • Fr. David Mahaffey 3
  • Fr. Joseph Hoffman 1
  • Bishop Seraphim (Sigrist) 1
  • Fr. Patrick Carpenter 1
  • Archimandrite Pitirim (Stehnach) 1
  • Archimandrite Meletios (Webber) 2
  • Patriarch Kyrill 2
  • Fr. Juvenaly Repass 1
  • Invalid votes 3

This All-American Council, acting in full compliance with the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America, prayerfully submits the names of
His Grace, Bishop Michael of New York and New Jersey, and His Eminence, Archbishop Tikhon of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania. The Holy Synod may now retire into the altar to consider.

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