Antiochian Archdiocese National Convention 2007

2007 Archdiocese Oratorical Festival, Part 1

July 29, 2007 Length: 54:03

Contestants in order of presentations: Paul Juzdan, St. George, Little Falls, NJ; Danna Sawalha, St. Elias, Syracuse, NY; Matt Wood, St. George, Worcester, MA; David Kurian, St. George, Cicero, IL; Joel Schaefer, St. John the Baptist, Post Falls, ID; Mero Geesey, St. Mary, West Palm Beach, FL; Lily Wakim, St. George, Witchita, KS
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"I don´t remember when I heard your station the first time. But now I tune in daily and listen to the wonderful music for hours while working in my geological office. It's the only kind of music I can listen to for a long time. The music reminds me of my times in Crete visiting Orthodox churches and services. I thank you very much for that music and the words in between. It seems to be never-ending worship, and it gives me a lot of good feelings and emotions, especially the wonderful Russian Orthodox music. "

Peter from Austria


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