Orthodoxy and Mysticism - Part 1 Q&A

Eastern Orthodoxy and Mysticism: The Transformation of the Senses - Hieromonk Irenei Steenberg

In the silence of the desert, in the solitude of the cell, free from worldly entanglements, one could ascend to the contemplation and knowledge of God, and loving union with Him. This inner tradition of becoming “sharers of the divine nature” (2 Peter: 4 ) — all but lost to modern Christianity — survives, almost unchanged over the centuries in certain corners of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Hieromonk Irenei Steenberg is the founder of Monachos.net, the world’s premier site on the Church Fathers, monasticism, spirituality, and Church history and theology. He can also be heard on Ancient Faith Radio on his podcast ‘A Word From the Holy Fathers’. Hieromonk Irenei is one of Orthodoxy’s most gifted thinkers, writers and public speakers and this is his exclusive seminar in southern California in 2010.

November 2010

Orthodoxy and Mysticism - Part 1 Q&A

Session 1 Q&A.

November 11, 2010 Length: 38:35




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