The Transformation of the Inner Man

Orthodox Anthropology

Fr. John Bethancourt, priest at Holy Trinity Church (Antiochian) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, spoke at St. Mark (OCA) in Rochester Hills, Michigan, the weekend immediately following Ascension. His topic was Orthodox anthropology, particularly as it pertains to the soul and the faculties within the soul: the Perceptive Power (Nous), Appetitive Power (Epithymia), and Incensive Power (Thymos). Fr. John gave three talks and also spoke at a men’s breakfast. The talks are described below:

June 2014

The Transformation of the Inner Man

Fr. John explores the three main powers the Fathers speak of as dwelling in each person: the Nous, Epithymia, and Thymos. He looks at how they become distorted in fallen man and discusses the three medicines given by Christ for their healing.

June 19, 2014 Length: 1:40:38




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