Orthodoxy and Higher Education

Dr. Alfred Siewers - Comparative Humanities at an Orthodox University

June 10, 2011 Length: 9:53

Dr. Siewers is from Bucknell University in PA and explores a Liberal-Arts Core Course on Christian Cultures from the 4th to 19th Centuries.
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"Just wanted to let you know that because of AFR, and especially the Our Life In Christ series, I am becoming Orthodox. A parish is building a new church near me and have put out a sign. I've been a Protestant for years, and when I saw the sign realized I didn't know much about Orthodoxy. I Googled it, read a bit, and was intrigued. So then I found AFR and started listening. I now listen to it every day on my drive to and from work. My knowledge and understanding of Christ has grown so much over the past six months. I have now started regularly attending a local parish and meeting with the priest. God bless you."



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