Orthodox Christian Laity - Road to Unity

Panel 1 - Orthodox Unity at Work and in Service

November 01, 2009 Length: 1:04:56

The moderator for all of the panels is Fr. John Cassar from Mother of God Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church in Princeton, NJ.

This panel focused on responding to real needs including educational and outreach programs that demonstrate the Unity of the Orthodox Christian Church in America. Panelists were:

Fr. Justin Matthews - Director of Focus North America
Sister Sarah Elizabeth Oftedal - Co-founder and Housemother of the Martha and Mary House
Bryan Smith - Headmaster of St. Peter's Classical School in Ft.Worth, TX
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"Thank you for helping me, helping all of us who listen and are hungrier than we might realize before beginning the feast set out for us. Ancient Faith helps me in two ways: I learn the faith in listening and reading, and I am encouraged to know others are speaking, writing, and clearly teaching the deep truths of the Faith. Blessings to you who write, speak, and sing on Ancient Faith Radio! I keep you on through the night and have been comforted by the Love that is and ever shall be, no matter time or season."



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