Orthodox Christian Laity - Road to Unity

Panel 3 - An Accountable and Canonical Unified Orthodox Church of Tomorrow

November 01, 2009 Length: 1:07:49

Focusing on conciliar governance and transparency issues and the ability to successfully overcome corruption within the system and move ahead.

Panelists were:

Deacon John Zarras - Member of the Metropolitan Council of the OCA
George Karcazes - A practicing attorney in Chicago and a founder of OCL as well as an active board member of the GOA
Peter J. Petkas - Presidient of OCL since 2007 with a career in government and business
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"If it weren't for AFR, I would be very, very lonely and sad this Lent. I come to work, put on the WMA stream, and get some peace. Being able to hear a Divine Liturgy means the world to me. I don't know if you and the AFR family realize how very important what you do is to some of us. It is a lifeline for me. Thank you all so very much for your ministry."



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