A Reflection on Science in Byzantine Theology

The Climacus Conference 2012

From February 24th through the 25th, St. Michael Orthodox Church in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted the 2012 Climacus Conference of Thoughtful Ascent. This year’s gathering was titled “Byzantium: You Are Not Forgotten” and featured lectures on Byzantine history, culture, theology, and iconography. Speakers included William Weber, Dr. Kiriacos Markides, Molly Sabourin, Dr. David Bradshaw, Joseph Steineger, Fr. Joshua Lollar, Jennie Gelles, and Dr. Daniel Larison.

February 2012

A Reflection on Science in Byzantine Theology

Joseph Steineger is a philosopher-in-training at the University of Chicago, working in the fields of philosophy of religion and metaphysics.

February 27, 2012 Length: 24:54




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